5 Trends in Website Design for 2024

Abhi Chatterjee
5 min readDec 8, 2023


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In this article, I’ll tell you about 5 big web design trends that I think will be huge in 2024. By the end of this article, you’ll know all about these trends and it’ll help you do well in 2024, creating awesome stuff for your clients. Let’s jump in!

Dark Mode Website

The 1st web design trend is dark mode, a style that got super popular last year thanks to Linear. Everyone was jumping on the bandwagon because it looks fantastic. Why? Well for one it’s easy on the eyes — reading and consuming content is a breeze. Plus, it gives a clean, professional and slightly serious vibe which suits a lot of websites. And here’s the cool part: dark mode doesn’t just mean a pitch-black background. You can play around with different dark colors to create awesome gradients, highlights, and glows, making your website really pop. These dark mode websites are here to stay and I don’t see this trend fading away anytime soon.


Website URL — https://linear.app/

Website URL — https://cred.club/

Bento grid

The 2nd hot web design trend gaining popularity is the Bento grid. What I love about these grids is that they always look neat and organized, giving a uniform feel. If you ever wonder how to structure your website, just go with a Bento grid. I’ve seen some fantastic examples in recent months and I believe this trend is here to stay for a while. In many ways, it feels like we’re just scratching the surface of what can be done with Bento grids and we can expect to see some cool examples in the coming year.

However, like anything, there are pros and cons. The major downside is that it can get a bit overwhelming and messy if not used carefully — like a cluttered desk. So, it’s crucial to use this approach sparingly and not overload the user with too much.


Website — https://www.relume.io/

Website — https://dribbble.com/shots/22599375-MusAI-Branding-for-the-Music-Generator-App

AI Generated Imagery

The 3rd trend I see a lot of is the increased use of AI-generated images. The visuals on a website matter a ton because people are more likely to check out a picture, video or animation than to read text. Until now, creating custom images has been tricky and stock photos can be expensive. But with the rise of AI and new design tools, things are changing. You can pretty much create any image you want and it’s often free. Need a pic of a blue dog in a Santa hat? No problem, you got it. So, it’s crucial for us designers to get the hang of these AI tools. Platforms like Adobe Firefly and Mid Journey are excellent places to start.


Website — https://www.otterdev.io/

Website — https://creator.nightcafe.studio/

Vibrant Gradients

The 4th web design trend that I’m currently loving is the use of vibrant gradients. Gradients can really lift a website, adding depth and filling up space. They’re a fantastic way to make your site look professional without the hassle of creating custom assets or searching for stock photos or videos. These lively gradients serve as a great background for your website, adding depth without overshadowing the text. The best part is, there are plenty of free websites that can help you customize and create your own gradients. You can do this in almost any design or development tool so if you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend diving in and learning how to create polished gradients for a sleek look.


Website — https://sarahguo.com/

Website — https://fujeedesign.com/

Massive Typography

Now, let’s talk about the 5th and final web design trend that’s going to be big in 2024: massive typography. While this isn’t exactly new and has been around for a few years. I’m noticing a lot more websites embracing the idea of using really big text. It’s a bit unconventional, challenging the typical way people are used to seeing websites. Personally though I’m a big fan of this trend. Why? Because it makes us, as designers and developers be careful about what text we put on the website. When all your typography is huge, you can’t have tons of content, so each word needs to count. I like this because it’s easy for users to read and understand exactly what the website or company is about. The other reason I love this massive typography trend is that it takes up so much space that you don’t need to rely as much on visuals. You can use fewer images, animations or videos and put more emphasis on the text. Of course, having a unique custom font makes this approach even more effective.


Website — https://www.framer.com/

Website — https://gsap.com/

So, I’m curious out of these 5 trends, which one is your favorite and which one do you think we might regret the most five years from now?

If I’ve missed any useful tips, I’d appreciate your comments to discuss and add them to the list.

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