Empowering Mobile-Dependent Writers: Designing the Android App for Ved

Abhi Chatterjee
6 min readFeb 13, 2024




  • Design Challenge: Develop Android app for Ved, aiding writers like Raju without laptops.
  • Raju’s Profile: Bilingual writer from Rajasthan, mobile-dependent, intrigued by Ved’s potential.
  • Mission: Facilitate mobile use, create seamless journey, adhere to Material Design.
  • Objectives: Educate users about Ved’s AI, inspire action.
  • Deliverable: UI screens for Raju’s journey, emphasize rationale, potential for micro-interactions/prototypes.


Mugafi Overview:

  • Comprehensive platform for writers.
  • Offers end-to-end solutions.
  • Focus on learning, creating, rights management, and monetization.

Ved: Script-Writing Companion:

  • Recently launched Ved.
  • Tailored for scriptwriters.


  • Building India’s largest script, character, comic, and content library.
  • Revolutionizing the entertainment industry.

Innovation Approach:

  • Integrating AI and human mentoring.
  • Goal: Assist writers in creating compelling intellectual property (IP).

Target Audience

Audience Type:

  • Passionate writers aspiring to pursue careers in various writing fields.

Geographic Diversity:

  • Audience hails from different regions across India.

Urban and Rural Reach:

  • Inhabitants of metropolitan cities like Mumbai.
  • Residents of small villages in Rajasthan.

Engagement Levels:

  • Ved attracts significant engagement from Tier-2 and Tier-3 audiences in India.

Problem Statements

Limited Access for Mobile Users:

  • Mobile-dependent writers like Raju lack access to Ved, which is currently desktop-exclusive, limiting their usage.

Overcoming Writer’s Block and Generating Ideas:

  • Writers, including Raju, struggle with writer’s block and idea generation.
  • The challenge is to offer an effective AI solution for these issues.

User-Friendly Mobile Experience:

  • Designing a user-friendly Ved Android app is crucial, especially for users like Raju.
  • The problem is to ensure seamless integration and an intuitive mobile writing experience.

Educating Users on Ved’s Capabilities:

  • Users need clear understanding of Ved’s AI chat assistance.
  • Effective education on Ved’s features and usage is essential.

Motivating Users to Start Writing:

  • Encouraging aspiring writers, like Raju, to initiate their writing journey with Ved on mobile devices is a challenge.

Providing Guidance and Tool Explanation:

  • Users, such as Raju, require clear guidance on using Ved effectively.
  • Designing a tool guide with coach marks and nudges is necessary.

User Persona



  • Name: Raju
  • Age: 30 years
  • Location: Small village in Rajasthan, India


  • Raju is a passionate writer who enjoys creating stories.
  • He has some experience in writing, and people even pay him for his work.
  • Raju is proficient in both Hindi and English, allowing him to write in both languages.

Technology Usage:

  • Due to the absence of a laptop, Raju relies on his mobile phone for writing.
  • He is familiar with using smartphone apps for various purposes.

Discovery of Ved:

  • Raju recently discovered Ved, an AI scriptwriting assistant.
  • He had the chance to try Ved on his friend’s laptop and was impressed by its capabilities.

Motivation and Excitement:

  • Raju is excited about using Ved on a daily basis to enhance his writing.
  • He believes Ved can help him overcome writer’s block and generate story ideas when needed.


  • Raju’s primary goal is to write creatively and efficiently on his mobile device.
  • He aims to use Ved’s AI chat to improve his writing process, receive plot suggestions, and complete a 500-word short story.


  • The main challenge for Raju is the unavailability of Ved on mobile, as it’s currently designed for desktop usage.

Expectations from the Android App:

  • Raju expects the Android app of Ved to be user-friendly and help him seamlessly integrate AI assistance into his writing process.
  • He looks forward to a tool guide within the app to explain how Ved works and guide him effectively.


  • Raju aspires to further develop his writing skills and creativity.
  • He sees Ved as a valuable companion on his writing journey.

Desktop Screenshot

User Journey

Step 1: App Launch

  • Raju opens the Ved app on his Android device.

Step 2: Welcome Screen

  • A warm welcome message appears on the screen, introducing Ved’s capabilities.
  • Raju is prompted to log in or create a new account (if he hasn’t already).

Step 3: Home Dashboard

  • Raju lands on the Home Dashboard, featuring a user-friendly interface.
  • The dashboard displays options like “Start Writing,” “My Projects,” “AI Chat,” and “Tool Guide.”

Step 4: Starting a New Project

  • Raju selects “Start Writing” to begin a new project.
  • He chooses the project type: “500-Word Short Story.”

Step 5: Writing Interface

  • Raju is presented with a clean, distraction-free writing interface.
  • At the bottom, he can access the AI chat feature for assistance.

Step 6: AI Chat Assistance

  • Raju begins writing his short story.
  • When he encounters writer’s block, he engages the AI chat by tapping the chat icon.
  • The AI chat offers prompts, writing tips, and plot suggestions to help Raju overcome the block.

Step 7: Completing the Story

  • With AI assistance, Raju completes his 500-word short story efficiently.

Step 8: Sharing the Story

  • After finishing the story, Raju clicks on “Share.”
  • He has options to share his story via social media, email or other apps.

Step 9: Tool Guide and Coach Marks

  • Raju explores the “Tool Guide” section, which provides an interactive tutorial.
  • Coach marks and nudges appear, guiding Raju on how to use Ved effectively.
  • The tool guide explains Ved’s features, such as overcoming writer’s block and generating ideas.

Step 10: Completed Journey

  • Raju successfully wrote, completed, and shared his short story using Ved on his Android device.
  • He now feels more confident and inspired to continue his writing journey with Ved’s assistance.



Low Fidelity Wireframes

Low Fidelity Wireframes
Low Fidelity Wireframes

Onboarding Screens (Login)

Onboarding Screens (Login)
Onboarding Screens (Login)

Please check the figma file here.

Onboarding screens (Register)

Onboarding screens (Register)

Please check the figma file here.

Home Screen

Home Screen

Please check the figma file here.

Write on Ved

Write on Ved
Write on Ved

Please check the figma file here.

AI Writing Assistant

AI Writing Assistant
AI Writing Assistant

Please check the figma file here.

Share Screen

Share Screen

Please check the figma file here.


Please check the figma file here.

Write on Ved (VD)

Write on Ved (VD)
Write on Ved (VD)

Please check the figma file here.

AI Writing Assistant (VD)

AI Writing Assistant (VD)
AI Writing Assistant (VD)

Please check the figma file here.

Share Screen (VD)

Share Screen (VD)
Share Screen (VD)

Please check the figma file here.



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